Tuesday, December 25, 2007

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Silence is Golden...

...so shut up and glitter! That's what my uncle used to tell my mom. But if silence really was golden I'd be a rich blogger, wouldn't I?

Things are hectic here. Christmas gifts on the needles, of course, but I also got laid off last month (severance to be determined, hopefully this week), so I'm in the midst of the roller-coaster of job hunting, interviewing, etc. The job hunting isn't so bad - I'm definitely polishing up my vocab! - but the applying and interviewing and not getting the job thing is really wearing me down. And being home all day with not much to do is not such a fun thing either - contrary to my longings when I was employed! The grass is always greener...

I have a couple posts rattling around, mostly to do with my Christmas knitting - I've found some incredible yarn out there! And there has been more hammering of hazelnuts - this time for baking biscotti (the first batch got sauced up and thrown together with Brussels sprouts - mmm!).