Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In Which There Are Pictures

Can you believe it? I took pictures, AND downloaded them onto my computer, AND transferred them to Flickr, AND posted them on my blog. I won't tell you how long they've been sitting in each portion of that process. Suffice it to say, it's time to take more pictures.

Behold, My Hero and me in California. I've never been to CA, but he was out in Reno for a work conference, and I joined him when the conference was over, and we went to California - not once, but twice, in the three days we were out there. Which is also the number of times we went to Trader Joe's and In-N-Out.

The above picture was taken at Donner Memorial State Park. Man, that Donner party was something else. Talk about Drama. Oh, and tragedy.

We also went gliding over Lake Tahoe. Ravelry came in handy - through a "Northern Nevada" group I found a lady from England who had vacationed in Reno a couple months ago and she recommended the gliding company. It's a small world, Ravelers. The gliding was fun; it was cool to see the lake from the air (we hadn't driven over that way yet). It was bumpy, though, the way roller-coasters are bumpy - we were both somewhat on the nauseous side when we landed. We sat in the car and breathed cautiously for about half an hour - My Hero more so than I.

I've been knitting, but my pictures are crappy. I'm almost done with my Tangled Yoke Cardigan - I've had to rip out the collar bind-off twice, and I'm still not wild about it, but it'll do. I've woven in the ends and grafted the under-arm live stitches. All that's left is the button bands and finding the perfect buttons. I'm not as excited as I would like to be about this sweater - it doesn't fit right and it's a little short. But at this point, I'm not really disposed to ripping it all out and starting over, and besides, it's my first grown-up sweater and I'm willing to give myself some leeway on that account.

Also, baby pictures - we discovered that the Doodle reacts positively ("Aaahhh") to mango-peach-strawberry smoothies. I'm smiling in this picture because it's the first time I've been able to talk her into eating fruit since we ran out of canned peaches (I canned them myself and hate to buy them) a month ago. She's strictly a starch-and-protein gal.

My Hero had just gotten her out of the bathtub and toweled her hair somewhat dry for this picture. We are sure she'll love us and our contributions to posterity when she's older.

And finally, some pretty, Brockety flowers. Ranunculus from Whole Foods, bought on my day off last week.