Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In Which There Are, Yet Again, No Pictures

I keep saying to myself that I'll blog when I get pictures downloaded to Flickr - the knitting! the cute Doodle! - but it just doesn't happen. So, another words-only blog post.

This is what I've been pondering for the past couple weeks: I pulled into a WalMart parking lot the other week and ran over some shopping detritus with my car. I didn't pay attention to it until I was going to get back in the car, and saw that it was the (empty) box for a pregnancy test kit (one of the few times I wish I had a camera phone!). Questions immediately leapt to mind: did she take the test in the bathroom at WalMart, or just squat next to the car, or just unwrap it and then take the stick home? Did it come out positive or negative? Was it good or bad news? But mostly, what was the sequence of events here? How did the packaging end up in the parking lot? This has been plaguing me for at least two weeks.

I clearly need to get out more. Or maybe stay in more, I don't know.