Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just Because It's Funny the First Time

The Doodle is getting into a habit that was funny last night, and annoying this afternoon. Last night, after My Hero put her to bed, we heard her rustling around downstairs, and a little later there was some really-and-truly crying. He went down to investigate; he found her in her room, in the process of changing her pajamas. We'd put her in a snap-up sleeper, and she'd shed it in favor of some fleece footie pants and top. Problem was, she couldn't get the top on. She was standing by her closet, crying, "It's too hawd f'me." Cutest thing ever.

Until just now, when I find her trying to put on a random assortment of clothing when she should be taking her nap. Bedtime tonight will include a short lecture on "why we don't get out of bed once we're put in it." And I think I'll put away her laundry this afternoon, too.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What if

The Doodle watches Disney's Cinderella somewhat regularly - talking mice and no scary witches - and both of us can recite large portions off from memory. Whenever I've seen a movie enough times to know the plot well, I start speculating:
What if Cinderella had been able to go to the ball in her pink dress? Would the prince have noticed her if she'd shown up with Anastasia and Drusilla?
What if she had realized during the first dance that she was dancing with the prince? Would she have told all and averted the subsequent hunt?

Et cetera. I love speculating what-ifs, even about my own life. It's purely idle, but interesting to consider nonetheless. What if My Hero and I had opted to not get together? What if our original daycare situation had worked out two years ago? What if...?